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Artifact Cider Project makes cider for the new Northeast. We produce craft cider in a variety of styles by respecting tradition, but refusing to let it limit us. Using local apples and innovative cidermaking practices, we create ciders that are as authentic, eclectic, and forward-looking as the region they come from.

Co-Founders Jake Mazar and Soham Bhatt.

Co-Founders Jake Mazar and Soham Bhatt.

Jake Mazar and Soham Bhatt started Artifact in 2014, with the desire to create exceptional cider, while helping to sustain local orchards, especially in western Massachusetts. Artifact Cider Project began in a small, forgotten garage in Springfield and moved to a converted warehouse in Everett, before opening our first state-of-the-art production cellar and taproom in Florence in 2019. Today, Artifact is made up of a small and resourceful team, who value hustle and bring new, often outside perspectives to the company and the industry.

At Artifact, we believe that no two ciders should taste the same. We are inspired by our partners and customers—by the people making things happen and remaking our region in the process.


Our Team

soham Bhatt

Co-Founder and Cidermaker


Co-Founder and Business Manager


Rachel Bennett

Head Storyteller

REED JuCkett

Business Development Manager

Drew Phillips

Lead Cidermaker

Chris Russo

Sales Representative (RI/MA)


Cellar Associate

John Speck

Sales and Taproom Manager

Sheila Sweeney

Lead Taproom Bartender

Jimmy Walsh

Head of Sales (MA)